My Top Shelf Organic & Natural Skincare + Makeup or the Best of 2019

Now to my favourite posts of the year! The Best of 2019, or all the products which earn a place on my shelf. The more I learn about my own skin, the more I feel like I still need to learn! This year in particular I had such an urge to try it all & I definitely tried a lot!My Favourite Natural Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Lepaar, Kjaer Weis, Wabi Sabi, Earthwise, Ilia Beauty & Zitsticka & Mitten Gone SwatchinI will admit though that after having tested & reviewed a bunch of skincare, I’ve noticed that I need to slow down. I’ve sorted through a myriad of skincare ingredients, that will likely never agree with me & I want to give myself a break.

That’s not to say this is good bye … I’ll post full reviews on the skincare I’m not 100% decided on yet, including any new purchases I do make. I’ll also keep an eye out for new makeup! Companies are always releasing new products & I just can’t resist! I just won’t be as regular as I used to be (not that I had any schedule to my posts to begin with!)My Favourite Natural, Organic Luxury Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Green Beauty Blogger AU Gone Swatching xoFor now though, keep reading to find out which brands I fell in love with this year. I’m sure they’re not a surprise at all, if you keep up with my blog!

Lepaar Wholistic Skincare – The Velvet Sole Balm & Yuzu Vitamin C Serum

My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Lepaar Yuzu Vitamin C Serum & Velvet Sole Lip Balm. Gone Swatching xoI included Lepaar in my best of 2018 list but it wasn’t until this year that I started appreciating their Velvet Sole Lip Balm! It’s an amazing, silky smooth & light balm that is so nourishing & firming. I can’t live without it! I also discovered their Yuzu Vitamin C serum this year. I’ve never used a vitamin C so I’m glad I started with this one. It’s potent, pure & it works. Considering all the challenges that go into formulating such a volatile ingredient, I think they’ve excelled at bringing a high strength serum that’s ethical, effective & organic.

Mitten Body – Deep Exfoliation Mitt

My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Mitten & Wabi Sabi Botanicals. Gone Swatching xoThere’s something so satisfying about exfoliation & I’ve not found a more effective type than the Mitten. It’s gross to think about but I enjoy watching my dead skin ball up & fall away. Doing this once a week has left me with instantly smooth skin, less ingrowns & so much satisfaction at knowing I am scrubbed clean!

Kjaer Weis – Cream Foundation

My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation. Gone Swatching xoI was stuck on mineral foundation for so long, I never considered using a cream. I think I’ve always been worried it would be too rich or hard to blend, but the Kjaer Weis Cream Foundation changed my mind. I love how this can be applied sheer or full coverage like a concealer. If your skin is starting ‘to make the change’ (drying out as oil and collegen production slows down) then I’d highly recommend switching up your foundation.

Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick – All of Me, Cheek to Cheek, Lady Bird & A Fine Romance

My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Ilia Beauty Multi-Stick Cream Blush & Lip Colour. Gone Swatching xoI’ll have a whole list of my favourite lip colours next week, but Ilia Beauty won as my overall favourite because of their colour range. I’ve been using the Kjaer Weis Cream Blush as a lip colour, but they don’t always work if I haven’t prepped my lips. The multi-sticks from Ilia Beauty are just so freaking gorgeous for every day, soft & fresh looks. The formula is creamy enough for my lips, yet not greasy on my cheeks, so win win! If you love effortless, no fuss makeup then I highly recommend these!

Earthwise – Yasuni Face Balm

My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Earthwise Beauty Yasuni Face Balm. Gone Swatching xoI’ve always been obsessed with skincare but this year brought me a new product to obsess over. Face balms! This one from Earthwise is amazing considering how nourishing it feels, yet it has a whole host of ingredients which are smoothing & exfoliating. It proves that you don’t need harsh or abrasive ingredients to have smooth skin.

Wabi Sabi – Valley of Light & The Giver

My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Wabi Sabi Botanicals. Gone Swatching xoI’m addicted to the Valley of Light & The Giver based on scent alone! The cacao & cocoa is so intoxicating & has so much depth. The Valley of Light remains my favourite scrub because it’s so soft it doesn’t even feel like a scrub. The Giver is pure indulgence & instead of using it as a cleanser, I now add a pump to my body oil so I can enjoy the scent for longer.


My Favourite Natural, Organic Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Featuring Zitsticka for cystic acne. Gone Swatching xoZitsticka aren’t the most environmentally friendly (there is a bit extra waste than I would like) but they sure are effective. I can’t use many ingredients that are considered effective for pimples because of the essential oils, so I figured I would give these a go. While the pimple doesn’t completely disappear overnight, it does flatten them CONSIDERABLY! I also like that it stops you from picking at them because of how it covers it. Once it goes down, it’s much easier to forget about.My Favourite Natural, Organic Luxury Skincare & Makeup of 2019. Gone Swatching xoThat finishes my list of my favourite skincare & makeup products for 2019. I’m so glad I’ve found them, they’ve been life changing! What products have been loving this year? Have you tried any of these?

Next week I’ll have my final post of the year, my absolute favourite lip colours! There’s quite a few, 2019 was a good year!

Let me know what you think!

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